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Inertia is a third-party residential and commercial energy broker serving Maine for electricity, natural gas, and solar services.

Maine has taken significant steps towards deregulating its energy market, particularly in regards to electricity. The state has fully deregulated the generation and sale of electricity, allowing customers to choose their own electricity supplier. The state also has a partially deregulated natural gas market, which allows for some competition among suppliers.
In 1997, the Maine Legislature passed the Electric Industry Restructuring Act, which created a competitive market for electricity generation and sales. This allowed customers to choose from a variety of electricity suppliers, rather than being forced to buy from the local utility. However, transmission and distribution of electricity are still regulated and controlled by the local utilities.
Similarly, the state has allowed some competition in the natural gas market, but it is still largely regulated. The Maine Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) oversees the natural gas market and ensures that customers are protected. Like with electricity, the transmission and distribution of natural gas are still regulated and controlled by the local utilities.
Maine's approach to energy regulation has been successful in promoting competition and consumer choice, while still ensuring that customers are protected. The MPUC plays a crucial role in overseeing the energy market and ensuring that utility companies operate fairly.
Overall, Maine's experience with energy deregulation provides a model for other states looking to promote competition in the energy market. By fully deregulating electricity generation and partially deregulating the natural gas market, Maine has been able to provide consumers with more choices and lower prices, while still ensuring that utility companies operate fairly and customers are protected.

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