In Iowa, the moving away from regulating gas and electric industries began in the 1980's. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) began opening interstate natural gas pipelines to competitive gas suppliers during this time. Congress fully deregulated natural gas sales, but the FERC still regulated transportation of natural gas by interstate. As a result, gas could be obtained competitively at hundreds of delivery points in Iowa. Since the late 1980's, there has been an imbalance for industrial customers in Iowa that have been purchasing gas in the open competitive market and small-volume customers continuing to face barriers. As a result, in August 2000, the IUB required each rate-regulated natural gas utility to file draft tariffs to allow transportation to small-volume end-users.

In April 2001 the IUB implemented new rules to require certification of competitive natural gas providers. This allowed certified competitive natural gas providers to pool transportation service to Iowa small-volume business and residential customers for the first time. The large-volume competitive natural gas providers that served Iowa industrial customers previously continued providing service but had to become certified under the new rules.

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