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Why is my rate going to be cheaper through Inertia?

Most brokers use 100's of suppliers. With today's market and volatility, Inertia only wants to deal with the companies that are going to be around, have the best customer service, and have the best rate plans. Scaling down our suppliers to the top 4 in the industry, our suppliers know they are on a platform with less competition, so they get more aggressive on pricing. Our trusted suppliers make up 70% of the market share, so there isn't anything they can't handle.

Why work with Inertia?

Currently Inertia is the fastest growing utility brokerage firm in America. No really, were not just saying that. Since Inertia began in early 2018, we have successfully registered over  4000 clients with over 20,000 meter locations. That's more than any broker in the country. Not only are we in all deregulated markets, but we have a physical presence everywhere we do business. Our brokers like to build long lasting relationships with their customers, so even in today's environment, we have a one-on-one client relationship with everyone.

How are you going to be cheaper than my current broker?

Inertia has proudly registered over 4000 clients in a very short period of time. We currently have a 97% contract acceptance rate, and our suppliers allow us the flexibility to renew our clients earlier than most brokers. With the market being so volatile, renewing earlier can help save our clients tremendously. We don't wait until the last minute; we contact you when it's time to save! If you are about to expire, our premium relationships allow us to receive lower pricing than your conventional brokerage firm.

Can you offer other products?

Inertia allows our clients access to everything they need regarding their energy portfolio. If you are looking for solar,
community solar, an energy audit, advice on an upcoming project, or even a rate for your home, we can talk about
financing options and ways to handle your needs.

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