District of Columbia


Inertia serves District of Columbia for electricity, natural gas, and solar services as a third-party distributer. The District of Columbia has made a number of changes regarding deregulation in the last 20 years. The Office of the People's Counsel (OPC) has been diligent in ensuring that all consumers have safe, affordable, and reliable energy. The Washington Gas Light Company (WGL) filed proposals to request permission to change the way business is conducted in DC. They proposed to separate out all charges so consumers can see what they are paying. This was ultimately approved by the Public Services Commission and allowed residential and commercial consumers to purchase natural gas from third-party suppliers demonopolizing and allowing for a more competitive market!

A little background for you...

The OPC started receiving complaints about unfair billing in 2013 and started a petition investigating business and solicitation practices of Starion Energy. The case was settled where Starion agreed to recalculate all the bills from the complaints in an agreed process. Starion also agreed to pay $100,000 which went to provide energy assistance to low-income consumers. To learn more about deregulation in the District of Columbia, visit Office of the People's Counsel site here.

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