Deregulated States

What does it mean?

Energy deregulation means the existing energy market has been restructured to allow increased competition and prevent monopolies of energy. This allows consumers who use energy to choose from multiple providers based on rates for their individual needs. In other words, it allows consumers to have cheaper electricity and natural gas rates by using a third-party company.

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Deregulation is a long process but it is beneficial in the grand scheme. Monopoly industries abuse market power and force customers to pay high prices for a necessary commodity. With deregulation, the government can balance out the market power of these monopolies in crucial industries. The Federal Energy Regulation Commission (FERC), established in 1977, controls the country's natural gas industry, hydroelectric projects, electric utilities, and oil pipelines which has played an important role in deregulation. Under President Franklin D. Rosevelt, the Federal Power Act was passed in 1935 which requires the Federal Power Commission to set electricity prices as "just and reasonable". 

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